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Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation services offered in Ocala, FL

You could claim workers’ compensation to cover your lost wages and medical bills if you sustain an injury at work. Karl Siebuhr, MD, and Jonathan Kletter, PA-C, at Reconstructive Orthopaedics of Central Florida in Ocala, Florida, have approval from the state’s workers’ compensation board to assess people making claims. They also provide effective treatment that helps you get back to work without delay. Call the office to request a workers’ compensation assessment or complete the online booking form today.

Worker's Compensation Q&A

What is workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation (commonly known as workers’ comp) is employee insurance. It covers medical expenses and lost wages if you can’t work following an injury or illness related to your job. The compensation ensures you can focus on your recovery without the stress of financial hardship. 

Employers contribute to a central workers’ comp fund managed by a state workers’ compensation board. This organization handles receipts and payments and oversees claims.

Why might I need workers’ compensation?

Common injuries that might lead to a workers’ comp claim include:


Overexertion injuries

Overexertion injuries occur during activities like carrying heavy objects, pulling, pushing, and lifting. Misjudging the effort required or using poor techniques can lead to muscle and tendon strains and ligament sprains.



Slipping on a wet floor and tripping over objects left in walkways are second only to overexertion for causing workplace injuries. Falls can cause fractures, strains, and sprains.


Repetitive strain injuries

Repetitive movements such as bending, reaching, and grasping can lead to overuse injuries like bursitis and tendinitis. Using a keyboard all day can increase your risk of carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and hand.


Vehicle accidents

If you drive or use any form of motorized vehicle at work, you could suffer injuries like whiplash in a collision. Or a vehicle someone else is driving might hit you, such as a forklift truck in a warehouse.


Crush injuries

Crush injuries occur when a heavy object falls on you, or you get trapped in a machine. This can cause severe injuries like comminuted fractures, where the bones break into multiple pieces.

Injuries can also occur during auto accidents outside of work. Reconstructive Orthopaedics of Central Florida offers specialized care and support to people who suffer road accidents or other personal injuries.

What does a workers’ compensation claim involve?

If you suffer an injury at work, complete the relevant documents, such as your employer’s accident report form. When you make a claim, you must visit an approved medical practice like Reconstructive Orthopaedics of Central Florida that the workers’ compensation board has authorized to assess people making claims.

At your consultation, your provider conducts a thorough evaluation, including a physical exam and medical history review. You may need to undergo diagnostic imaging procedures like X-rays to assess the injury properly.

Your provider completes the workers’ comp forms and returns them to the board. They also prepare a recommended treatment program to help you recover from your injury.

Call Reconstructive Orthopaedics of Central Florida for expert advice on workers’ comp claims, or book an appointment online today.