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Hip and Knee Reconstruction

Hip and Knee Reconstruction services offered in Ocala, FL

Your body’s largest joints, the hips and knees, are vulnerable to injury and diseases like arthritis. If the damage is too severe to repair, you might benefit from hip and knee reconstruction surgery with board-certified orthopedic surgeon Karl Siebuhr, MD, and Jonathan Kletter, PA-C, at Reconstructive Orthopaedics of Central Florida in Ocala, Florida. They specialize in complex minimally invasive hip and knee reconstruction surgery, and Dr. Siebuhr has completed many knee and hip revisions. Call the office to find out more or arrange an appointment via the online booking form today.

Hip and Knee Reconstruction Q&A

What is hip and knee reconstruction?

Injuries and joint diseases sometimes cause such extensive damage that conservative treatments can’t relieve pain or restore function. Hip and knee reconstruction involves using grafts or artificial components to repair these badly damaged joints.

If connective tissues are involved, your surgeon takes graft material from elsewhere in your body to reconstruct the ruptured ligament or tendon. If bone and cartilage need repairing, they might resurface the damaged area with an artificial layer.

What hip and knee reconstruction surgery might I need?

Examples of hip and knee reconstructions Reconstructive Orthopaedics of Central Florida specializes in include:


Arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction

The ACL in your knee is one of four ligaments connecting the bones that form the joint and keeping it stable. ACL tears are common sports injuries that frequently fail to heal fully without intervention.


Unicompartmental knee resurfacing (onlay)

Unicompartmental knee resurfacing is similar to total knee replacement but is less invasive. Your surgeon prepares the damaged parts of your knee joint and covers them with metallic components fixed to plastic retreads.



Hemiarthroplasty is joint replacement surgery where your surgeon only replaces the femoral head — the ball at the top of your thigh bone. You might need hemiarthroplasty if you suffer a severe femoral neck fracture and need the bone removed, but the socket in your pelvis is healthy.


Revision joint replacement

Joint replacements are effective and long-lasting for most patients, but some experience problems. There could be an infection, or the artificial parts may be damaged or misaligned. Repairing these issues requires specialized surgery that’s more challenging than the original joint replacement.

What methods are used to perform hip and knee reconstruction?

Reconstructive Orthopaedics of Central Florida specializes in using minimally invasive approaches when performing hip and knee reconstruction. Options include:



An arthroscope is a tiny camera attached to a flexible pipe. Your surgeon inserts the arthroscope into a small incision in your hip or knee, and then views the area requiring reconstruction on a monitor. They can often perform surgery using arthroscopic instruments that fit into other small incisions, guided by the feed from the camera inside your joint.


Robotic-assisted surgery

Robotics offers optimal accuracy and minimal tissue damage. The robot your surgeon uses can’t act without direction. They control it remotely and can also use the system’s software to make detailed preoperative plans.

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